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What an honour it was to capture the heartfelt union of Fitira and Chris in their very own haven in Cambridge, Ontario. In the comfort of their home, surrounded by their closest loved ones, this intimate affair was nothing short of extraordinary.

Fitira and Chris, the proud owners of MAS Academy of Martial Arts, found love in each other’s company within the walls of their shared passion. Their journey together was beautifully reflected in this cherished celebration, witnessed by their dearest friends and family, even those tuned in from afar via a live stream.

The ceremony was a fusion of cultures, a nod to Fitira’s Indonesian heritage. As a tribute to her roots, her three sons led a vibrant entrance, resonating through the air with the rhythmic beats of traditional Indonesian drums. Chris’s son stood proudly by his side, his best man and a pillar of support throughout this memorable day.

The backyard reception was a charming culmination of love, laughter, and genuine connections. Surrounded by the familiar warmth of their home, under the open sky, they toasted to the beginning of their new chapter.

Fitira and Chris, your love story, steeped in family bonds and cultural richness, is truly inspiring.

Some kind words from my couple 🙂

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