Capturing the love story of Kathleen and Anthony on their special day in Toronto was an absolute joy. Their ceremony at St. Helan’s Church and reception at Universal Event Space By Peter and Pauls were adorned with love, laughter, and the warmth of family and friends.

St. Helans Church in Toronto provided the perfect backdrop for Kathleen and Anthony to exchange their vows. The ambiance was nothing short of magical. Universal Event Space, the venue for their reception, not only hosted their celebration but also curated an incredible catering experience, adding an extra layer of joy to their day.

Kathleen and Anthony’s day was made even more extraordinary by the contributions of phenomenal vendors. Creations by Gitta added floral magic to the venues, setting a breathtaking scene. The stunning hair and makeup by Make-Up by Stephanie enhanced Kathleen’s natural beauty, making her look absolutely radiant throughout the day.

The entertainment by S4 Entertainment & Audio/Visual kept the celebration vibrant and alive. The tunes and ambiance they created added a special touch to the entire event.

Kathleen’s ensemble was a sight to behold, with a gorgeous Hayley Paige dress from Kleinfeld and breathtaking Jimmy Choo shoes from Kleinfeld Canada. Anthony’s custom-made suit from Made 2 Measure, Bespoke Clothiers, exuded sophistication and style.

The sweet finale was courtesy of Custom Cakes by Nancy, who crafted a masterpiece that added sweetness to an already heartwarming day.

Kathleen’s Most Memorable Moments

“My favourite part of the day was… marrying my best friend (obviously!) I can say that I have never been so excited and happy in my life.

I was also so overwhelmed seeing all of our family and friends that joined Anthony and I. This is one of the few (or only) moments in our lives where we will have all of our loved ones in the same room, at the same time, there to celebrate… us.

I’ll never forget… the first time I saw Anthony waiting at the altar. The moment I saw him standing there, I held my breath… literally almost the entire walk down the aisle.

I least expected… how incredibly fast the day would go by. Throughout the last year of planning, we were warned that the day would be a blur, but that is an understatement. There are moments that I remember crystal clear – the limo ride to the church with my parents and sister, the first time I saw Anthony, bits and pieces of the ceremony, the speeches, and a few others… but most of it was over in the blink of an eye. I am glad we stopped and took a moment during the reception to just soak it all in.”

Anthony’s Most Cherished Memories

“My favourite part of the day was what you originally made us realize when we first met. You told us this would be the only day in our lives where all of our family and friends would be under one roof. For me, celebrating with our family and friends was my favourite part… oh and of course, marrying Katie!

I’ll never forget seeing her for the first time that day, as she walked down the aisle in the church. It’s one of those things that only happen once in a lifetime.

I least expected to (drink as much as I did… kidding!). Every married person told us the same thing about their wedding day: the day flies by. So, I knew the day would go by quick, but I honestly didn’t expect it to be as much of a blur as it was (thankfully, we get to relieve the day through your photos!) One minute you are getting dressed and ready for the church, and the next moment you are laying down next to your wife after the reception and saying ‘that’s the quickest 18 hours that I have ever experienced, what just happened!?'”

Some kind words from my couple 🙂

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